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  • How do I login to Parent's Corner?
    The password is provide to parents at the beginning of school year. If you have not received it you may request it at the office.
  • What documents are needed to enroll my child?
    You child will need: 1 - Enrollment application (you can request one at the office) 2 - An updated blue form (vaccinations) 3 - An updated yellow form (physical exam) 4 - Meal Form or Food Program
  • What are the payment methods the school accepts?
    We currently accept 3 different payment methods: 1 - Cash 2 - Check 3 - Money Order (paid to the other of Meni-ninho Meni-ninha)
  • What days is the school closed?
    Meni-ninho Meni-ninha understands most parents have a busy schedule and have to work therefore we try to provide classes all year round except for major holidays. You can read more about the holidays that the school is closed by login in the parents corner.
  • Where can I find the lunch menu?
    The menu is posted in every classroom on the parents bulletin board and is also available at the parents corner for download.
  • Is this a Brazilian preschool?
    Meni-ninho Meni-ninha has a Brazilian background, the classes are taught in english and spanish and we offer Portuguese classes 2 or 3 times a week.
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